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Hello. Since young, I have this symptom that once every 2-3 months, I would be having a stomach ache. I need to puke to get well. Medication is not required and does not works too. Anyhow help?


Hello Szeetel,

Having a stomach ache from time to time is not unusual.  A lot of times it occurs because you ate too much or ate something that didn't agree with you.  You may have problems digesting certain types of foods.  A lot of times a stomach ache doesn't require medication but sometimes something as simple as an alkaseltzer does the trick.  Alkseltzer has the ability to make the stomach more alkaline.  Sometimes we secrete to much acid and that can create a stomach ache.  See if you can determine what you've eaten before you get your stomach ache and see if it's the same kind of food each time.  If it is, then I suggest you stay away from that food.  Since your stomach doesn't occur very often, it doesn't sound like it's anything to worry about for the moment.