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Just recently i've found i've been feeling quite dizzy/out of it  and have a quezy stomach before eating and really tired with a crampy stomach after eating. im at a lost of what to do because both situations make  it hard to function. anyone have any reasons for this and have anything i can do to sort it out ?


Water is your friend ( safe then sorry, drink as much as your body tolerates) .your probably feeling this because when you skip a meal or don't eat at the regular times your used to your body goes into "starvation mode" & starts to store the food you ate before . So your body's trying to protect you by using the previous meal to hold you . And since your stomach doesn't know when EXACTLY your planning to eat it makes the noises you hear & sometimes feel like pains in that area . Then when you finally eat , your body has been working all this time to protect you from fully crashing so that's when the tired feeling comes in . Try relaxing for like an hour(even if it's laying flat on your back) & if your up to it try eating a snack so you have more energy later when you have to go out or something . Or try breathing in through your nose & out your nose to see if it helps with dizzyness . But MAKE SURE you try to go to the doctor's JUST in case . It never hurts to double check . The doctor might say you need vitamins or something of the sort . Hope it helps .