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My husband has been deagnosed with helicobter polory 6 month ago He has taken all the medication, antibiotics and medication like Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin (Biaxin), Metronidazole, Ranitidine, Lansoprazole, but he still has the pain, the medication hasn't helped.
Would you please give us any advice about it %-)

Thank you


Hello teuta,

I'm sorry to hear your husband has the bacterial infection known as Helicobactor pylori.  This bacterium has the ability to secrete an alkaline substance around itself preventing hydrochloric acid from destroying it.  That's how it evades being digested (killed) in the stomach.  This little guy can damage the stomach wall and create ulcerations.  It can be very difficult to kill this bacterium and so you may have trouble for years to come.  It seems like your husband has taken every medication under the sun.  Don't give up hope, new medical discoveries occur daily.