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About half a year ago I was masturbating and when I came I tried to hold it in to make the orgasm last longer. I ended up getting bad stomach pains, my stomach started heaving a few times and I felt sick for a few minutes. Since then I was unable to ejaculate fully without feeling sick. This went on for a couple of months where I kind of stopped myself ejaculating properly. During this time I visited my girlfriend in a different state...and I felt very anxious when ejaculating. There was even one point where my stomach started to heave when the tip of my penis was touched. However when I got back I decided to just cum for real and just see what happened...eventually my stomach got used to it and I was ok and could cum normally. All was fine until last night when I came and the same thing happened again with my stomach and I felt ill for a couple of minutes after and my stomach hurt. I masturbated again tonight and the same thing happened. It's hard to explain but it's just this weird feeling in my stomach where I feel sick and faint whilst I'm cumming. Afterwards I feel fine. I think most of it is physcological because I am such a bad hyperchondriac and I do get anxious at the most stupid times. I looked up on google for anything it might be and there's nothing. Nothing to do with the prostate or anything...which I guess is a relief. But it's still an odd thing to have. Does anyone else get this way? Were you ever diagnosed with something or was it just something you just ignored and got better?


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