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I have never had trouble with my stomach or digestive system other than food poisoning about two years ago. On Saturday however, I grilled a hotdog for myself and my friend, and following the eating of this around an hour later felt a little stomach sick.

It is now Tuesday, and for several hours each day I have felt full, pressure, raging headaches, the irregularity of my bowel movements, and this intense feeling as though there is something undigested in my stomach. I have also lots of mucus in my throat that will not cough out.

I have continued to try to eat the same as always, though I feel like my appetite is decreased due to the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I've been drinking proper water and feel as though it's worsening.

I cannot tell if this could be a food poisoning again? Or hopefully just a bad case of being under the weather, or if it sounds like something someone would know?


Sounds like indigestion , try an antacid like Tums