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I had surgery back in September and about 2 months later my belly button started oozing and has been ever since then. Also my stomach has felt bloated everyday since at least January, I also don't go a day without feeling nauseous. My stomach is also really tender, I can't even have someone lay on it because it's so uncomfortable, it just feels full all the time, at this very moment if feels like its gonna burst but I haven't eaten anything since dinner last night. Has anyone experienced these kinds of symptoms?


I've never experienced this but given you said 'ooze' and that you've just had sounds terribly like you have a major infection inside you!!
Whether this is because they left something after the surgey or because you haven't taken your antibiotics or sounds like a major infecion!
Get you to a GP asap!!!!! because if it is an infection, it can get into your bloodstream and cause septisimia which is fatal!!!