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I have recently had a strange taste in my mouth, not metallic or sweet, just different. I have also noticed that my soaps and perfumes do not smell the same on me, either.

It hasn't affected my sense of taste or smell for other things and I don't have any body odor.

I had been drinking a lot of cheap vodka lately and was wondering if some of the toxins could be coming out through my pores?

I am a 53 yr. old woman and I also smoke menthol cigarettes.

Any ideas?




hi there,

if no one has helped you with this, I highly recommend going to an acupuncturist in your area. I am currently a student studying this field, and strange tastes in the mouth is a majour part of it (a good portion of our studies are pulse and tongue diagnosis--you can tell almost everything that's going on internally by looking at someone's tongue). Since I'm only in my 3rd semester, I don't know enough about it to help you out a great deal. A lot of patients come into the clinic for problems like yours; it could be nothing severe, or it could be a sign of something bigger going on internally. You can try looking up schools with clinics in your area ( has a listing of schools by state) or you can try looking up LICENSED acupuncturists (NOT certified ones, but LICENSED--a licensed one is required to take the national board examination for oriental medicine, a certified one could get that anywhere from a substandard "school".) I hope that helps somewhat. Most people use us as a last resort and then they swear by us afterwards :-)

good luck


have you considered you might be pregnant?


If I was, it would be a "medical miracle". . . LOL!!

I did say I was 53 yrs. old (and haven't had sex in 2 yrs.),

but thanks for the reply!


To scootergirl:

I checked out some of the schools here (Los Angeles area) from the link you provided, and they do have reasonable rates at their clinics.

Thanks again!!



I have the same symptoms as you! Salty taste in my mouth and seems to be coming out of my skin. Started 6 days after an old mercury filling was drilled, with mercury vapour coming out of my mouth. Soap is very salty now, cannot use washing POWDER as too salty, but am using liquid. I seem to react badly to oxygen based bleaching agents.

I smoke, but do not have any alcohol. I drink tea and have reduced coffee to 2 cups a day.

Years ago I had the same symptoms but with dry eyes and mouth and skin, then got jaundice and kidney problems. I had sjogren's syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease. I think the salt taste maybe SS, triggered by mercury.

See your doctor for sjogren's syndrome testing. Have you had any mercury filling work done recently?

Hope this helps, I am also suffering after 4 years of no salt taste or having to be careful of soaps etc.

BTW - I first noticed that soaps didn't smell good/like they should on me, when I had SS the first time, really bad.


I am a 50 year old woman and these symptoms started a couple of weeks ago. I was diagnosed with Dermatomiositis (autoimmune disease)last May and have been taking Methotrexate as prescribed by the rheumtologist and he monitors my blood closely as this drug can harm the liver.
This past October I had a severe sinus infection that triggered migraines for which I was treated and given medication to stop the pain. Ever ever since then my taste and smell has been very slow to return and now this strange, rancid taste and smell has started exactly as spacekitty described.
No chance of me being pregnant either.
I don't smoke.
I drink wine and beer at times but not a regular basis.