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Hi, I'm a 16yo male and I have a question regarding my skin. I do not know what I am doing wrong here and so I'm seeking any information or advice I can get. I see a dermatologist infrequently, but I'm taking an oral medication as well as 3 different topicals throughout the day. I shower 2-3 times per day and use a salicylic acid body wash too. However, I still have pretty bad acne on my forehead and along my jawline. Every so often I breakout on the back of my neck, despite having cleared a much worse case of acne on my neck a few months ago. I feel like I take good care of my skin, maintain my hygiene maybe in excess, and eat an appropriate diet, yet I still have worse skin than many of my peers who I'm pretty sure don't care as much about it. Please help!


Hi Derek,

I too think you're maintaining your "hygiene maybe in excess."

Too much showering dries the skin excessivly.  Try once a day, or every two days.  Lay off the body wash, try a gentle soap.  Use warm, not hot, water to shower.

It's NORMAL to have acne during puberty.  

All medicines have side effects and that includes whatever is in the body wash and the salicylic acid.  

Give your body some time to recover from all the showering/acid.  Take a break for a week or so and see what happens.

Hope it helps.