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Hello everyone,

Here are some tips to remove acne.

# The first important thing we should do is to softly clean the skin, specially the face at least twice a day. It is better to apply a soft cleanser and thoroughly wash of the skin with lukewarm water. It is good to consult a dermatologist to know which cleanser is good for your skin type.

# One can use proper skin care or acne products. Prefer the ones recommended by dermatologists. It is better not to apply the products that cause itching or rashes as it can damage the skin and can lead to permanent scars.

# It is better to use the product that contains Benzyl peroxide. Benzyl peroxide has the tendency of drying the acne within 2 to 3 hours.

# One should use a face wash that contains either little or no oil content. Since that cleansers and face wash with excessive oils leads to acne formation.

# It is good to try a face wash that contains salicylic acid. This acids aids in preventing the acne spread and dries out the acne quickly.

# One should refrain from touching the acne. Back side of hand should be used for itching. Acne should never be contacted with nails. This can lead to intense scarring. A cream that contains glycolic acids can be used. These creams increase the brightness of skin and lessen scarring.

# It is better to protect the body especially the face from sun. Exposure to sun leads to pigmentation. Sun also acts as catalyst for acne formation. It is better to use sunscreen while going out.

# Face should be properly washed before going to bed. Makeup and traces of other cosmetics must be washed off thoroughly; otherwise the acne pores can get infection and it will lead to acne inflammation. It is better to use natural and herbal makeup.

# Antimicrobial soap should be used to prevent acne formation. It is good to avoid soap that contains oil extracts. Better keep a separate towel for each person in home.

# Refrain from consuming junk food. The consumption of oil and other fatty acids leads to immense formation of acne. Green leafy vegetables are good for the healthy skin.


Really great tips i had acne problem so its healthy tips help me lot.
Keep sharing this king of tips more .Thanks.


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