I am 24 years old, not on birth control and have been experiencing pain in my left ovary after one night of having very rough adventurous intercourse with my partner. There was no pain at all during intercourse or straight after, though the next day I experienced terrible pains in what i assume is my left ovary. I was ovulating at the time and did receive my period though it was a couple days late and very short - potentially also due to stress. For that month I worried i was falling pregnant or an ectopic pregnancy was going to occur. Every pregnancy test has been negative and my body hasn't shown any symptoms still. The pain is subtle still, three months on. sometimes its not a pain but a slight cramp. My periods aren't that effected either, though are usually only 3-4 days which is normal for me. What can happen to the body during rough intercourse that could cause this or does it have nothing to do with the intercourse.