hi everyone so recently i developed an itchy rash on the side of my stomach, i tried not to scratch and made my way to the doctor who prescribed me some antifungal dandruff shampoo, some grisefulvin tablets, and an antifungal cream. so even after following the routine given by the doctor the itching persisted, and eventually i put surgical spirit, it stung only for a little bit and that is what i did everytime i felt an itch. but unfortunately the surgical spirit burned out the rash such that it became black just where the rash had been. i got so frustrated looking at the mirror and then a friend of mine recommended that i try MARULA OIL for the scar to fade. after a week and some days there was already a visible improvement, by 3 weeks i compared photos and i am now happy to say it will completely fade very soon, 6 weeks at the very most. im still using it even today even for the rest of my body, so please google about the oil, its definately non reactive, a bonus for me as well as anything else which was fragranced happened to enrage the rash i had. i am in southern africa, botswana. thank you. i hope this helps someone wanting to fade scars naturally and quickly.