A tragic medical error occurred at the Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park last week. In a surgery that was supposed to be life saving, a patient was removed a healthy kidney instead of the cancerous one.
The hospital has apologized to the patient and to the members of his family and reported that such errors have not occurred in the hospital before.
They also reported that they feel “profoundly responsible” for the error and that they are doing everything they can to support the patient and the family in every way they can.

The hospital surgeon, using the patient's medical charts, identified the kidney on the wrong side as cancerous and removed it. The patient was informed about this medical error post-operatively after the tests determined the healthy kidney was gone.

Not only that this is a tragedy for the family but for the Park Nicollet hospital as well, chief medical officer reported for the interview.

The surgeon responsible has decided to stop seeing patients until the hospital's investigation is completed.
This accident is just one in the roll of many medical mistakes that occur in hospitals and even the saddest part is that many of them go unnoticed.