I have undergone 4 consecutive rhinoplasty procedures , first 2 with a gap of 5 months and the last one within a gap of 3 years. The second last one involved a lot of other change including cartilage graft. After that rhinoplasty, I have always felt my nose to swell as soon as I experience exposure to heat, even minor exertion, eat spicy or hot food. This also causes a condition like chording where the skin inside my nose feels pulled. Finally sleeping, fresh air gets back my skin to normal. Moisturizing the skin also helps a bit contacted a lot of doctors, including my PS and all they could diagnose is that due to subsequent rhinoplasties, there is excessive scar tissues in my nose, which causes disruption of lymph flow. I never had an infection, but the rhinoplasty swelling is recurrent even after 5 years of my second last surgery. Can somebody please clarify, if there are some tests to identify the real cause behind the swelling?