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I needed Rib cartilage as my previous rhinoplasty surgeries have been damaged my nose too much.More the 7 doctors told me i needed rib.Most of the doctors recommended me to Dr Jay calvert,as he is very experienced and one of the main leaders in the US for rhinoplasty.Now 7 1/2 month post surgery,i can truely understand why he is one of the best-HE DID A AWESOME JOB.
Thanks to Dr Calvert i have my life back.


joanne66 wrote:

What a liar!  I a real patient who was badly disfigured by Dr. Jay Calvert and I find it very scary that Dr. Calvert can keep preying on unsuspecting patients by writing fake good reviews about himself and having his staff and his reputation manager from India do the same. It's also quite pitiful how Dr. Calvert buys his followers on twitter and his fans on facebook to try to make himself look popular. Yes, he really does this.Don't be duped by Dr. Calvert's false and illegal marketing tactics. Dr. Jay Calvert is an incompetent and horrible surgeon who has disfigured and hurt many patients. He defrauds insurance companies big time and sues his patients if they write negative online review about him. He also threatens legal action against any website if they do not remove his negative reviews, and dozens of honest negative reviews have been removed by these websites, including this one. I wish they would stand up to this dangerous man. Dr. Jay Calvert is scaring patients and websites into silence about him. He is reckless, a fraud and a danger to society. I agree with the other reviewers that he should absolutely lose his medical license.

Hi Joanne66,

I'm so sorry about your bad surgery. I was considering Dr. Calvert for my 3th surgery, but, after reading your post I'm scared.

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... I just want to see what he did to your nose.
I don't know what to believe: the super amazing reviews or the super bad ones.. or none of them.
Difficult decision.. I just don't want to make another big mistake.

Thank you.



Dr Calvert is a good surgeon,you should have him for your revision...don t believe internet to much....sometimes its even competition writing these reviews which i don t want joanne66 accuse to be,i am just speaking in general.
trust your feeling,check out his before and after pic and if you feel like he is the right surgeon go to him.
I am just speaking for myself and a friednd who had a difficult revision and she is very happy,she had 6 previous
rhinoplasties...good luck!