Okay, so I have hypertrophic scarring on the bottom of my tongue piercing (I have two, so they're horizontal).  I googled a bunch of home remedies and aspirin paste was one of them, so I tried it out.  Unfortunately it irritated my tongue sooo much and it got infected...  Not to a disgusting point, but to the point that I knew I needed to take care of it.  It became so swollen that it came up to the middle of the top ball.  The weird thing is that my tongue started to grow what I think is supposed to be healing tissue?  It's tongue colored, but soft and doesn't have taste buds.  Anyways, I'm currently taking Augmentin  every 12 hours.  I'm less than 24 hours into these antibiotics, but I can tell my tongue is getting better because it's not hot anymore and there's no discomfort.  However, when my mouth is resting, the top ball is somewhat engulfed by my tongue because of the new tissue that has grown.  Are there any tips on how to make sure my tongue doesn't heal this way?  When I stick my tongue out, it is not an issue.