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Two days ago my fiancee was in a car wreck and the air bag deployed, cutting up his face and lips. His top lip is still pretty swollen and he has a lot of little cuts on the inside of his top lip (the part that rests against the teeth).

We used ice in the first 48 hours to reduce swelling, but should we keep doing that? Also, we've been using neosporin on the facial cuts, but we're not sure if there is anything we can safely use inside the mouth for the inner cuts.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!


please, can anyone help with this? The facial cuts are healed over by now, but the cuts inside the lip are very deep and round, almost like sores. They are still hurting a lot. Is it possible that the powder from the airbag might be causing a chemical burn in his mouth? is there anything that will ease the pain or help it heal more quickly?