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I have been bothered with excessive saliva for about 4 years. Lately, sometimes when I yawn a stream of saliva will squirt out of my mouth from under my tonge. Why is this and what can be done to decrease amount of saliva? Also, all the glands below my ears and under my chin stay swollen.



The secretion that sublingual gland produces is mainly mucus. Having said that you have to understand that there are more salivary glands in the mouth, and sublingual gland produces only 5% of saliva that is entering oral cavity. The most of saliva that you have in your oral cavity comes from submandibular gland, and it produces around 70% of saliva. Nervous system controls the production of saliva. Saliva helps with food digestion and depending on the food you eat, your brain tells your gland how much saliva to produce. Can you tell me what food do you eat? Is there some special diet that you fallow? You can alter production of saliva with just changing your diet.


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