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ive been concerned latley because i been acting a bit weird for quite a while i sometimes get so depressed i just cannot be bothered to sleep i just stay awake into the next mourning i often feel like my life isnt worth living and i feel socialy isolated and feel trapped and i keep cycling around being okay and being really depressed and giving up on everything is this a break down?

How can you tell wether someone is going through a mental breakdown?
What are the symptoms?



Hello Veneer, 

There is one main characteristic of mental breakdown that makes it very obvious to diagnose: it’s a sudden and very drastic change in both behavior and the way person thinks and feels. It’s almost as if you go through the state of shock, your behavior becomes extremely erratic, as well as the thoughts. Sometimes, mental breakdown is manifested in the completely opposite way – the person suffering becomes almost numb.
However, what you are experiencing, the troubles with sleeping, feelings of isolation and concern are more that characteristic for depressive disorder. This is why I would recommend you to see your doctor and get the treatment for depression. This is not something that will go away on will-power alone, even more so when there are successful treatments for depression.