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hello everyone, let me begin with i have only had sex with one partner in my life and we had sex many times. during the time i was with her i didnt really notice anything new and i assumed we were both clean. when i was a virgin i remember getting a pimple on my shaft, it didnt worry me cus i was a virgin. not until recently in the past 2-3 months i have gotten 3 pimples(not at the same time). ( i last had sex almost 2 years ago) they looked like regular pimples except the newest one looks similarly to a syphilis ulcer. the weird thing is that if i had sex almost 2 years ago and i would assume the symptoms would have shown up then, but i could be wrong.

the only symptoms i think i have are the ulcer and i think i may have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my groin.
could this be syphilis? or any other std?

i forgot to add that i have popped the most recent one and a white fluid came out, now it just feels like a bump.


Hi teen,

It sounds more like a pimple.  The white fluid was likely puss, from an infected oil gland - normal.

Usually with syphillis there is a chancre sore that appears within months of the infection.  Do you have any discharge?  Any unexplained rashes?  Weight loss?

An ulcer may also indicate herpes.  A swollen lymph node may indicate an infection but it does not have to be an STD.

See your doctor.