I had stopped using birth control in the month of september and have experienced sporadic periods up until the end of october when i had an actual period from oct 30-nov 2 spotting on nov 3. I tried to conceive that cycle but was unsuccessful. I spotted 3 days before finally getting a period like flow in december 21-december 24 with 1 day of spotting on the 25.

Im trying to conceive this month an using opks to detect ovulation. I have had very clear negatives up until Jan 2. it was an almost clear positive except half the test line was a shade lighter the other half was the same shade as the control line. i took that as my positive and had sex on the Dec 29th, Jan 1st, and Jan 3rd. Taking opks still and been getting negatives. Until today (Jan 5) I got another almost positive looking opk just slightly lighter than the opk i had taken as my positive.

So with the given information my question is did i ovulate or what's going on?

I also had ewcm from the 1st to the 3rd very little on the 4th and then had creamy watery lotion cm from the 4th to the 7th. Also today i had a smudge of brownish pink on my tp just the size of half a dime and then nothing dried up! idk whats going on