hi im just woundering if anyone knows or is in the same arrangment as me just for starters the suboxone my doctor didnt switch me to subutex which i really wish he would have done or atleast had my baby doctor tell him she wants me on it his reasoning behind it was their going to be discontinuing it well i should be able to decide and id rather be on it atleast some of my pragnancy especially if it is  safer than suboxone .does any one know oh also he said the naloxone in suboxone is very little that you dont even get it ok so if u dont get that how does it bind to your receptor like its sappose to so you dont feel anyother narcotics im confussed and the subutex dosnt have the naloxone so they dont like giving it to drug users because they can get high off of other drugs but will give it to pragnant womanim 25 weeks pragnnat i wnat to also know does it make any diffrence if im on 8 mg suboxone aday if i split it up take 4mg in the morning 2mg in the afternoon then 2 mg at night is that worse for the baby than if i just took it alll at once. snd im also on this other antideppresant which my doctors say its fine but i dont feel it is can someone please give me some advice id really appreciate it or at least answer for my babys sake thanks