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well im 16 and me and my friends were talking at school about pads, tampons, ect and what we used. i told them that i used tampons and they were all really curious asking stuff like if they hurt or is it easy. anyway one of my friends said that they also use them but she uses tampax because they have an applicator and tampons don't. i said that tampax was just a brand of tapons and that you can buy tampons with or without applicators.

who is right because i am now really confused about who is right.

also as a second question is it noemal to talk about our periods like that (we're all in year 11 and are 16, we live in england).

thanks in advance for your help


Well you are definitely right. You can buy sainsburys or morrisons brands of tampons with or without applicators.
Im not sure about your second question because I'm not that age but you don't need to feel strange because every woman has them!
Hope this helps xx