I suffer with gas following eating and drinking. Drinking water makes it worse. My GP tried me on antacids which gave only temporary relief and made the problem worse. I browsed the net and found a doctor that said the problem of acid reflux and gas was due to low stomach acid. I baught some digestive enzymes with betaine HCL and got immediate relief. After using them for about three weeks I found that my symptoms had improved so much I could stop taking the enzymes. The symptoms returned about three months later. I went back on the digestive enzymes with betaine hcl with the same good result. Now recently I was caravaning when my symptoms returned and I didn't have my enzymes with me. The gas started to get out of control and I had appendicitus at the same time. I was admitted to hospital for emmergency surgury. during my recovery I suffered with terrible gas. However I always thought that the gas was caused by undigested food in my small bowel. I couldn't eat I felt so ill and was advised to sip water. This made the gas worse. I had gone a week without eating. There was no food in my stomach so the gas was being generated in my small intestine. Even a small sip of water would generate a lot of gas. I tried drinking a glass full in the hope it might dilute the action. Wrong thing to do I felt worse for longer. If I could relieve even the slightest gas pressure in my stomach by applying suction to my gastric tube I felt immediate relief. Once all tubes were removed and I was allowed to eat the first thing I did was take my digestive enzymes and again found the relief that I had experienced before. My question is how does water alone caused so much gas. (does it react with bile?)