Hello , So i've been having anal sex with my fiance , he ejaculated inside me as I was laying on my back . Ten days after we had unprotected anal sex I took a pregnancy test and it was negative , two days after the test I had my period it lasted for 4 days and the flow was lighter than normal with blood clots , all these things happened last month . This month I got my period and it was the same as last time ( light ) . I used to have heavy periods , I also suffer from PCOS and I do have irregular periods , I'm afraid of pregnancy because I belong to a really conservative family , I'm still a virgin and I want to keep it until I will get married to my fiance . So many people told me about a possible leakage that could cause pregnancy.. I'm really afraid , because I don't want this right now. All these things are having a bad impact on my university life and I can't even focus on studying because of it . Is there any risk of possibly being pregnant ? Thank you for reading :( .