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Ok here goes. Been on Lortab 10mg for 2 years now. 1 tab 3 times a day. I was given these for a broken pelvic bone delivery of my child. I got laid off about 6 months ago and its been downhill ever since. I now take around 10 pills a day. I'm embarrassed and have so much guilt. My family and friends have no idea. When I run out I immediately panic and start looking. I'm too a point where I want off these. I have/had a professional career and I'm so embarrassed in who I've become. Im a member of the Church, active in the Community and my family is well respected. The guilt is eating me alive. I CAN'T DO THIS ANY LONGER. I've taken my last pill and will start CT within a few hours. I've read on many forums for days now on what to expect. I have prayed my heart out tonight to get thru this without my family knowing. I'm prepared to have the flu but I'm terrified I can't handle it and will fall apart. I'm too ashamed to tell my husband and want so badly to do this successfully. I have 30 tramadols to help with the withdrawals. I know the risk of taking these but after a lot of research I feel its my best way to get thru this. I will only take 2 50mg tabs 3 times a day for 3 days then stop. Hopefully this will get me thru the worst of it. I have always been a strong willed person but the unknown of what's to come is terrifying. Any advice is welcome and I will post an update tomorrow. I'm so thankful I have this site for support and not be judged cause believe me....I've judged myself enough already. Thanks in advance for any and all words of encouragement.


Hello, I was on Hydrocodone for 2 years after a shoulder injury. I am not trying to scare you but these can be some hefty withdrawls and I wouldnt jump off without some sort of support. Its also better to tell your husband now... once you go into full withdrawl, your hubby will immediately know anyway. I have been in full hydro-withdrawl and its not pretty! If need be, talk this over with your husband and admit yourself into a hospital when you get to the point where you can no longer handle the WD's.