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I had a lump and extremely painful and tender sensation on one of my testicles, it appeared suddenly, and for no reason. ITeventually went away after 2 or so days.

possibly diagnosis?


It is impossible to make a diagnose online and it is even harder to say since the lump disappeared. The most common reason of sudden testicular lump, followed by pain, swelling or nausea and vomiting is epididymitis- inflammation of the tube attached to the testicle. However, this kind of inflammation doesn’t go away on its own because it is bacterial and needs antibiotic treatment.

Considering your lump went away, I would say it was a common under-skin pimple. Did it look that way? They may hurt, especially if you press on them or squeeze and may go away on their own although two days seem too soon.

I am not sure a doctor will be able to say what it was considering it is gone. It would certainly be helpful if you described the lump, its position, size, characteristics, etc