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I exercise for at least 1 hour six times a week, doing a combination of both cardio and resistance exercises. I also do pilates, yoga and also do around 100 crunches/leg raises a day. I have a low fat diet and am very happy with my physical appearance everywhere else, however i cannot shift excess fat from below my belly button, and around the lower part of my waist (above my illiac crest). I dont know what else to do!


You are definitely not the only one who has this kind of a problem - you are doing everything right and you still need to, from dieting to exercise, but I would suggest that you put a lot more focus on exercise specifically for the lower abdominal part. I know some women are just built like that - some have issues with ties, some with belly, but if you focus more on the "problem" area, you should get better results. You can check out some of the exercises here

and see if anything could help you.