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Hi everybody,

So, I was really planning to start following carb lover’s diet program. I was talking with my friend, Ayrin, and she told me that she had some great results while she was following this diet program. She told me that she lost a few kilograms, and she was following this diet program for a four weeks, I think. I am not sure.

But, she told me one thing – if I want to follow this diet program, I need to learn how to follow it. I am trying to figure out what she was thinking about this.

Can you tell me how to follow carb lover’s diet?

Any special tips? 


Hey there,

Following carb lover’s diet program was something the easiest for me :D

You have two phases. The first one  is when your eating plan consists of seven day kick diet, that includes 1200 calories per day. According to this diet plan, after those seven days, you will lose two or two and a half kilograms.

The second phase allows you to eat larger portions. Now, according to this, in this second phase, you will be able to lose up to three kilograms.

You can find amazing recipes for this diet, that can make it easier for you :)

Good luck! 



Good day,

My sister was on this diet program a few years ago, I think. It is true, you really can lose those unwanted pounds very, very fast. And, I found out this just today :)

In this first phase, a typical day’s menu usually includes banana smoothie for breakfast, some chicken, maybe the breasts, and salad, lunch some chicken as well, and for dinner light yogurt and some vegetables.

The second phase is much easier, because you can eat larger portions, and she told me that meals are more various.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)