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Hello everyone,

Is there any strategy that can help me how to plan slow crab meals for amazing results? Where I can find some slow crab recipes and lifestyle tips? I am eating healthy food, I am drinking a lot of water, and I exercise almost every day. Any other tips I should know? I am counting every calorie in my meals, everyday. And I think that I will score in this game :) One more question: can I drink coffee with milk?

I'm curious what other people with similar experience have to say.

I look forward to any answers.



Hi there,

slow carb eating is becoming a usually way of life for many of us. And that is a good thing. And I am glad that you are one of us. Here are some tips for you:

-          start your day with a healthy breakfast. When you give your body right „fuel“ you will be happy,

-          drink a lot of water,

-          drink little less coffee than usual, with soy or low-fat milk,

-          eat proteins at every your meal (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks),

-          eat slowly,

-          eat a lot of fish, fresh or canned,

-          drink green tea after every meal,

-          avoid sugar.

I hope this is ok, for now.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me.



Thank you :)