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Hello guys,

I just started the slow carb diet, as you know, I eat three meals, but I need some snacks between these three dishes. I don't know what snacks are really healthy.

I know I can't eat ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, candy bars etc. And, I used to eat this every day!

So, I wonder, what are your options If you are looking for a smart slow carb snack? What food should I choose?

I need some simple and easy solutions for healthy snacks.

I would like to have ideas for snacks that I can eat between meals.

Thank you! 


Hi there,

nice topic!

I know that getting rid of delicious snack is the hardest thing for me! But, I believe that snacking between meals is what makes us eat more than we should!

But still, when  I am hungry, I try to stick to vegetables, mostly carrots. Also, I snack on sliced bell peppers, and it's amazing. They are so sweet snack.

Also, I believe that suggestion to drink tea and water, even a coffee is a good thing. I'm trying to drink as much water as I can, so mostly, I avoid snacks.

But, If you really are hungry, my recommendation is to stick to carrots, bell papers, cucumber. And that is is!





borecole chips maybe?


Fresh fruits, nuts, hard-boiled egg and etc, can make a best slow carb diet.