I had my gallbladder removed about four days ago. I believe everything is going along well until today. I went to the doctor who removed the drainage bag/tube out of an incision. I told him that my problem is not with pain, but not being able to take nice full deep breaths. When I stand up, go up a flight of stairs, or walk a little bit I start painting. I told this to my doctor who tried making me take nice slow deep breaths, but I couldn't. I told him it was because I really haven't moved for the past four days and my body was just to sore. I couldnt really push it besides a general intake of air. I am trying to take nice slow deep breaths, but its just causing pain in my chest and I have developed a new gasping episode. I may be practicing my breathing or just driving and all of a sudden I gasp for air. I dont feel it coming or know its coming. I just do that. He told me to keep practicing, because I could develop pneumonia. He told me to work on my breathing and to see him in three weeks. What do you guys think? Is this normal