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I just wanted to share my experience. I am a 33 year old, my drug of choice was Heroin. However, I got arrested in 09', and it was no joke. So went to my family doc, because he just got the green light to prescribe Suboxone. He had me on methadone, and I know how methadone centers work. I refused to ever go that route. However, instead my doc prescribes Suboxone ( which is 8x more potent than Morphine). I read somewhere that 1 mg suboxone is equivalent to 33-40 mgs of Morphine. I love how my doctor put me on this, and for maintenance. Yet 2 weeks ago when I saw him. He decides that since I was taking a 2mg strip, and taking 1/2 in am, and 1/2 at 3. So the last visit , and prior visits he told me that it was more in my mind. Yet after using Suboxone for past 3 years. I feel like I am going nuts, and it's physical. Not hungry, no energy, depression, just don't want to do anything. What am I to do now? I just am making progress in therapy, and I have no coping skills. In reality I just spent the last 3 years on basically synthetic opioid / opiate, and my family doctor. Who probably got a 2 hour crash course on addiction. To have the audacity to label me and tell me it's all mental at this point. 


Hi there!

I feel your pain! 

In the UK, the choice is either, Methadone, Subutex (if you're a good boy and do as you're told) Suboxone (if you've abused your Subutex) and Lofexadine.... some private clinics will prescribe you anything (Oxy, Fent etc... but they're being shut down) 

Often, Doctors lack experience in addiction (that's what I've found) and I totally agree with idea that it's mainly mental and for me, that's the hardest part!!!!  BUT, your Doc should NOT just reduce your dose without discussing the options with you first!!!!  Otherwise, how does he/she know your addiction is mental??  

If I were you, I'd go into the doc's office when you're in withdrawal and let him/her see you in acute withdrawal....  I would hope their attitude toward you would change and that they'll see you need specialist help (which your doc can hopefully refer you too).

Chin up! Whatever the outcome, just don't do back to the old ways! I hope you get the help you NEED!