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I'm only 18 and I'm from india. Last monday, I gave this guy a ha****b and got VERY less semen on my hand( as I removed my hand before anything more cud get on it) and I just had it on my index and middle finger. The semen just dried on my finger( it was VERY dipping my finger is water kinda less). After this I was outside, in the sunlight and heat and about 1.5 hours later I tried to finger myself with the same hand that I had the semen on. My fingers were completely dry by then and I had also held the railings on a bus while coming back home and everything. My periods got over around 15th and this happened on 23rd. So is there any chance that I'm pregnant?


no you can not get pregnant by that because the sperm would have been died because once they leave the man's penis they need to be somewhere moist and warm like the vagina so they couldn't survive that long after the bus and everything so don't worry about it. u don't need to stress anymore because  stress can make your period come late.