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Hi! starting two weeks ago, I started having anxiety and panic attacks. I didnt know what was going on at first. I thought i was going crazy and that I was going to die. I also had the feeling like I was in trouble for something but I didnt know what. I had another attack two nights ago and the thought came through my mind that I may be desperate for sex. I usually watch porn and masterbate, but after these attacks I have been afraid to. I am 20 years old and still a virgin. I'm a junior in college and I just want to be happy and not to feel these anxiety feelings anymore. But, when I look around campus I see happy couples and wish that I could be in a happy relationship (mainly for the having sex part). All of these things racing through my head are making me think that I should just go kill myself to end the suffereng. I do suffer from depression as well. I dont know how to take all of this. I have a lot of schoolwork to be done and thinking about it makes me anxious. These attacks always happen at night and I dont know how to make them stop. Has anyone been through this before and would be willing to help me out? Thanks.


Hey Thasmo,

My boyfriend suffers from anxiety, and I used to have panic attacks all the time too. Usually if a panic attack would come on I would feel as though my heart were racing so fast it would burst right out of my chest, and that subsequently my lungs would collapse. Yes, panic attacks suck. But you're not alone, and you don't have to suffer. I'm guessing with school and such you may not have time to seek a professional, but I would suggest it; only so you can truly find the root of your anxiety and be able to manage it a whole lot better. BUT---if you want to go it on your own for now, as most of us do, Here are some things I think you can do :

Since you seem to have a pretty good handle on when they're (the attacks) about to come on ( a la noche) I would suggest doing something relaxing before going off to sleep. For instance, drawing, reading, anything that gets you in that I'm so comfortable in a zone state of mind. If you like hot tea, camille worked wonders for my man; me, I hate tea, BUT there is also valerian root which calms you so you can sleep. You can find it at your local health food store. Deep breathing is also a nifty one to try, lay on your back, focus on one point in the ceiling and pretend there's a red balloon in your stomach. Expand your tummy all the way then release the air slowly via your mouth. My personal favorite is finding someone to talk to. It could be anyone, even someone on a forum such as this. Just somebody, that way you'll feel a little less weighted down. And lastly, you can try yoga if your into that.

Hope I Helped, Good Luck.

The Red Fox

PS- I don't see why you should be afraid to masturbate. If you feel you have an addiction to porn, and that's why you're nervous about masturbation, there are other forums on here with people who can offer advice for that too. And don't worry about the other couples, your time will come!