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A while back i had a really sore throat and could feel something inside my throat tht wouldnt go away, and about a month later i coughed up some blood followed by a lump clovered in blood. I didnt think much of it and didnt bother with it but the same thing is happening again with the feeling something is back in my thraot but my throat isnt sore, my glands r swelling then returnin back to normal over and over. What should i do?


You should see a doctor, what else? A feeling of something stuck in your throat may be attributed to anxiety and stress or a spasm of a cricopharyngeal muscle in the throat. The spasm is self-limiting and goes away on its own but it is impossible to say when.

I had problems with these spasms but I never coughed up blood. I did have problems with stuck mucus in the through that I couldn’t get out and I had to draw hard to get it out and then I would feel the sensation in the throat was gone but it wasn’t.

I can’t say that you have the same thing. Every lump (even though it may be a sensation) should be checked first by a GP and then possible by an ENT to rule out other possibilities and underlying causes. It is impossible to say anything without looking at it.