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Hi, I have been having pain in my lower left abdominal area. The exact spot is just between my hip bone and my navel. It is a constant throbbing pain that I have had for about 5 days now. I am a 43 year old woman in pretty good shape. Could this be a cyst or just constipation?
I don't know whether to go to an OB or family doctor. Thanks


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I suppose you may start off with a GP and you may get referral to another specialist.

You didn’t report having any additional symptoms and you didn’t’ report any changes in your menstrual cycle (I am thinking of perimenopause).

There could be many possible reasons at your age. If you do suffer from constipation, it could be just it but it also could be some other problems with your colon.
Other possible reasons include urinary tract infection, but then you would probably have additional urinary symptoms, or pelvic inflammatory disease that often gives off no signs but may start hurting as women grow older.

You are at the age when you may be suspected of developing ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids that cause symptoms at the same spot you mentioned.

I would see a GP first and then Gyn but it is important to see someone if the pain doesn’t stop!