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my boyfriend got bit by a tick about two weeks ago. the tick was removed less than 12 hours later, it wasn't engorged and it didn't look like it had taken in much blood during the time it was attached. unfortunately, the tick was burned off, which is one of the worst ways to remove them, since it may have let infection out... a little less than a week ago he developed a rash around the bite and it has become slightly more prominent over the past few days. it is not a bulls-eye rash, so hopefully it is not lyme disease. the rash is about an inch in diameter. bumps look like scattered inflamed hair follicles, concentrated around the bite, with a small scabby-looking dot in the middle at the point where the tick was attached. anyone have any idea what it may be...? an allergy of some sort?


If your boyfriend got a rash after having been bitten by a tick, it is actually possible that it is Lyme disease. The bullseye rash only shows up in fewer than 20% of the cases, so that is not the best indicator. At this point, get him to a doctor as quickly as possible to find out what his options are. I hope that it turns out to be something else, but it sounds likely that it is Lyme.

Please let us know how things turn out.