Hello. I'm in a desperate spot here. Im 15 years old, and mum has said that ever since I was at the age to talk, I'd complain or at least make gestures towards my back. I'm not sure when it started, but it must've been from a really young age. It's another factor of my stress. 


I have a tingle. Not really a tickle, although it's impossible for me to sit still for long unless my mind is 100% occupied. Lying down is difficult, as I can only lie in a few positions without wanting to rip out my back. I've noticed that the right side of my body is more sensitive than my left. The tingle resides (more like resided now) at the bottom right side of my back. I've learned to deal with this, although it takes a little longer for me to sleep. I swore that if I ever lost the ability to move I'd beg for euthanasia, as it's torturous sometimes and really upsets me. 


Last night however, I noticed something peculiar. My right shoulder was beginning to tingle... Just a bit. I was exhausted and didn't think much of this. Afterall I went to a party earlier, and although I didn't dance my muscles may have been a bit stiff. I wake up, and an hour later I find that it tingles a bit more, and now I'm aware of it. I'm a little surprised and worried by this. Suddenly, my back "loses" it's tingle. (It's there a little, but I can lie in any position reasonably comfortably). This only ever happened once before, and I was happy that time. But this time, alarm bells rung. Now, this tingle is predominantly in my shoulder. 


Needless to say, I'm scared. I think I prefer it in my back simply because I'm so used to it being there and have lived my life dealing with it in that spot. When I was around 8 I had gone to the doctors about it, but I suppose I didn't explain myself well as doctors blamed it on growing. Heck, not even my parents take me too seriously on it. 


For me though, I'm very very worried. I texted mother about it. She'll be home from work in 9 hours though and I feel like I should tell my dad to book an immediate appointment. 


Is it a nerve issue? It's the only solution I have for it. I hate it. I hate it. I'm going to cry I'm so worried. What will my future be like? Nothing has gotten "worse". But this change in location is enough of a shock. Please help me.