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For the past couple days I've been experiencing a cold tingling sensation from my right shoulder, right down to, and including my hand, as well as my armpit and the outside portion of my right breast. I do have Raynaud's Syndrome, and am used to having cold hands, but this is very different. I do use a mouse all day, and was breaking up some ice with a shovel the last couple nights, but only for a few minutes each time. I hope you can shed some light on these symptoms for me.


Hello there Wendy,

Well, maybe this is just sore muscles or maybe you have strain your muscle while you were breaking ice. Anyhow, if this pain doesn’t go away in a few days than you should definitely visit your doctor for further information. Since you suffer from Raynaud’s it is possible that your blood flow is causing you additional difficulties when it comes to the healing of the muscles.

But, this is all guessing and the only way to avoid wondering what is really going on is seeing a specialist but I am also aware of the fact that you don’t have that much trust in them since you are suffering from condition which is incurable because they don’t know the cause of it.