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I wanna know if i could have cancer or like a tumor or something....
i have a tingling sensation in my head and it mostly occurs on the right side of my head it doesnt necessarily hurt it just bothers me and my thoughts.
i have autisum and add and im wondering if it could be because of that or what it is and im really scared.



I do not think that tingling sensation in your head means that you have tumor or even cancer. You have to understand that these conditions are very dangerous and if you have any of them you would most likely have severe headaches and not just tingling sensations. However if you are not sure about this you can always do a CAT scan of your head to see if these are any growths in your head. Have you talked to your doctor about this? I think that you don’t need to worry that this is cancer or tumor. I hope this helped you in any way.


All the best to you,