Hi guys. :) My name is Woody Knox. Great to finally be able to say something on here.. I have This tini thing and maaan is it some life changing experience. Seriously guys, I mean no one expects to be stuck in that situation. I'm talking from a perspective of years of rock n roll, alt/ hard rock, loud ambient and idm/ dustep / drum n bass....shiiiiit! And then one day you put your ear too close to the speaker and then impending doom falls apon you. You know what I'm actually even listening to a song now that I made yrs ago. I shall put up I think it will be the one song that explains this complex , situation us Tinnintus sufferers have to live with daily o M g! Guys ill write here again very soon I promise. To share stories and experiences that I have had with this thing.. But for now I just wanna ask a quick question. Long story short as I have mentioned In the above section over there, I'm a muso and got my tini from jamming loud in bands without ear protection. Saw a gp that cleaned my ears of wax and then gave me anti-inflametries' but never really worked. Then went to an audiologist that broke it down to me that it can take 2 weeks to 22years.. hahahha/ eish/ oooouch lol ..this is how I feel bout it The question. I smoke pot and it seems to be making it worse In my right ear. Anyone of you guys find yourselves. In a similar situation? Have you ever toked and got a heeeeavy tini respone???