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Hello. I'm 22 year old female and having big problems with being overweight.
For all my life I was a little overweight but it didn’t bother me earlier. Now I have big problems with it because it affected my self confidence and my love life.
I have tried several diets but none of them could help me. I even started with some extra physical activity along with the diet but with no success. All this made me very depressed because I am tired from all this struggle against extra pounds. I even started to think about
antidepressants. Any suggestions?


Well, I don’t know a much about diets and diet programs because I personally don’t have problems with overweight but I know one formula that always works- spend more than you eat!
It is the healthier formula also.
You must understand that there must be a catch why all these diets didn’t work. You probably overeating your self or eating wrong groceries. These things must be corrected. I don’t suggest antidepressants because they will not solve your primary problem.
Problems are in you not in your environment.
Try to eat fat as less as you can and try to avoid eating late in the evening. All this must be accompanied with physical activity.
Wish you success!