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Hi there


I'm 18 years old and I weigh about 87.6kg.

 I have been heavy my whole life and I want to change that now.

I love food, (who doesn’t) but I just can’t stop between the cravings and just eating because I’m bored.

My ideal weight that I should way is round about 60-68kg. And it kind of sounds bit ridicules but my aim is to weigh about 65 around there.

My body mass is about 20 something or 30 something last time I checked.

I have been on the internet searching for good diets and good diet pills to help me shed the Weight quickly. I’m looking for a diet or some kind of healthy choice that can change my mind-set. I'm not someone for heavy exercising but I’m always up for a walk.

Diet pills and shakes don’t do it for me I think. I just need some guidance in to the right direction. I am someone with a pear shape body; my thighs are the biggest problem. I have THUNDER thighs and a bit of a stomach. I just want that gone and be a lot lighter and I will be one happy girl.

So I need to some advice on how to lose this weight before August / September 2012.

Any tips or any healthy diets that I can do?

Thank you

Hope to hear from you guys soon




hey well im not a professional on dieting but i tried loosing wait and it worked for me...

okaii so first of all leave all the junk food and i mean all of it! no chocolate or chips or coke!

dont eat after 7

eat a cereal in the morning not a big breakfast...

maybe even a fruit in the morning and for lunch u can eat anything just eat a small portion... it will be hard at first but after a week or so you get used to it...

if u get hungry before lunch eat a fruit (apple, strawberries, etc.)
dont eat to many bananas though kuz it makes you get constipated!

try eating salads and soups..

hope it helps


Well...Ummm I'm a 12year old 7th grader that weighs 199.1 ...I Hate It I'm The Heaviest Girl In My class..Idk Wat To do about it everyday when i look at myself i feel discussed ...I Need Help Im Too Muchh over the weight scale for a 12 yr old that is 5'4'...All I Dream About Is Loosing all Of This Before My Graduation Next Year June..Are There Any Suggestions??