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Losing weight is so hard. As well as keeping it off. Ugh!

I have struggled with my weight a long time. Most of my life. I remember being 195 one day, then 245, then 260, 285, 300, and now I'm almost 330. Its scary.

You tell yourself I'm not going to get any bigger and I'm going to chance what I eat and how much and start working out more and then you go off your diet or workout plan and eat bad again and big portions.

Its hard when you have had such a unhealthy lifestyle most of your life, hard to change. Especially when you are an emotional eater, eating when your happy, sad, mad, bored, hungry etc...

I tried it all pretty much, different diets, diet pills, liquid diets, workout tapes,going to weight management clinic, gym workouts, eating smaller healthier meals but I always seem to fall off the wagon.

Losing weight is definitely a life struggle and having depression on top of that doesn't help either considering unhealthy food is the only thing that makes me happy and to get fit and healthy I have to say goodbye to this food.

So its a constant struggle with losing weight and trying to be happy.

Anyone else feel this way with food, weight lost and depression?


There are two best way to burn fat and build muscles, the natural way and the medical way. Besides that, strength exercise such as push-ups and weight lifting are the best way to burn fat and build muscles.

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I agree that it's quite hard to change if you have such an unhealthy lifestyle most of your life. However, if you really want to lose weight and achieve your desired weight, you need to discipline yourself and find ways on how to replace your unhealthy habits with good ones. Make a physical activity a habit, have a balanced diet and avoid processed foods. Also, taking natural weight loss supplements can help you a lot.