Im sick and tired trying to deal with anxiety issues + panic attacks + depression . I really am pissed off and cannot understand that when it comes to deal with something threatining like depression and suicidal thoughts you have to pay lots of money like U have mentioned here the Cbt course or Theres the other books of Lindon method:((

Why do u have to pay all these money to save someone live from killing himself??? because hes so pissed off because he cannot live a lf like before?

Why a miserably sufferer who maybe wants help from the comfortable of his house cannot find an online CBT class on the net???
Why does he need to pay a lot of money when coming to deal with a life threatining situation???

I would like a quick answer pls because really I feel for all thoses sufferes out there. I can understand their pain they are going through.

I finish with something here ...... All this methods , books , dvds, etc ..are all buisness and money for the owners thats BS!!

Thanks for you listening and sorry for being a little nasty