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hey everyone im 22 years old n im on day 10 post-op. im not gonna lie the last 10 days have pretty much been hell for me, but its the kinda hell that you know will pay off big time in the future so i guess that makes it worth it. i was getting strep about 3 times a year and it wasnt just a sore throat, i would have a fever and the chills and the most massice tonsils you could imagine. i could barely swallow. so my dr said to me i think those tonsils should come out. i was surprisingly in agreement with him becuase i was just so sick of "waiting to get sick again". it got to the point where id look at the calendar and just wonder when i was gunna get sick again, it was like clock work. so to make a long story shorter i had them out the 19th of this month and it was pretty standard, pain, minor post op bleeding, so far ive lost 15 lbs but im pretty sure i will gain it back once i can eat normally again. you might be wondering what the point of this post is and i will tell you, if you are having problems like i was this surgery and even the pain is definitely worth it. im breathing better and even sleeping better and it its only day 10, no more almost choking on my huge tonsils or waiting to get strep. well at least i hope not. any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.



Hey there,
I just have a question or two, i'll be on day ten post op. tomorrow morning and I'm just wondering how much longer my throat is raw for. I've been eating pasta and such trying to slowly regain the 10 pounds i've lost but I want a nice meatball sub and chicken wings and a beer :-) Just wondering when all the scabs heal and I can eat real people food? Also, I can't properly speak yet, I sound a little like I've got gauze in my mouth or something. When will this subside? Thanks for the help.