Hi, I have some information about recovery from a tonsillectomy. i am 29 and on day 6. The first day my throat was numb and I slept (very important) - drinking about 2-3 litres of water a day and tepid clear soup broth is great too. - day 2-5 have been the worse with earache, jaw pain, and the feeling like there is knives in the throat. - i use ice on my cheeks and it helps- especially when waking up. - I find that brushing my tongue and gargling with salt water and diluted listerine is great. - your breath will be quite gross, but drinking the soup broth with some salt in it will slowly loosen the yellow on the scabs at the back of your throat. My scabs have fallen off and look great. I am still in pain, and will avoid eating anything solid for another 5 days- I have been drinking a chocolate protein shake- which if you gulp down is great. - gulping water slowly is the best because it keeps the airway open. - I have taken only 2-3 tylenol3's per day and find that advil is better for inflammation. Good luck and you'll be ok. Also.. Crying hurts your throat!! Smile!! Listen to "don't worry, be happy" (bob marley) - it honestly heals the body and mind :D Krista