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I am 6 weeks post op from a bunionectomy & some arthritis cleaned up out of the joint next to the bunion. I have terrible swelling in the ball of my foot and to the right towards the 2nd toe. The bottom of the foot doesn't really hurt, but the top does :O( I ice and elevate as often as possible. I bought a wide pair of shoes that fit great yesterday, but today cannot get them on my foot because of the swelling :O( I am supposed to return to work tomorrow. Here are a few questions if anybody can help me out or give me their opinion. I had a pin put it it is permanent. Has anybody heard of this? Seems like all that I have read, people have their pins or screws removed.
Question 2.- Does anybody else have the selling like I described? Thanks!


 I had bunionectomy and a plate 4 screw surgery on my right foot June 20, over the last month I have increasing pain where plate was inserted and

and at the base of my big toe when walking, 3 weeks ago my surgent said  I have synovitis inflammation of 2nd toe

I would greatly appreciate your opinion