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History: I am a 20 year old man. I used to do boxing: did it for about 2 years and then left it a year ago after suffering a concussion. The only visible effect of the concussion was a temporary loss of memory of the events immediately following the incident.

The problem: I was reading about the symptoms of transient ischemic attack, and it has got me quite worried.

A few weeks ago, while doing a shoulder exercise (front raise), I noticed that whenever my right arm was in a certain position (arm parallel to the ground and dumbell at shoulder height), the right side of my face drooped. This occured only during that exercise and only when my right arm was raised. I don't think I suffered any significant weakness in my limbs because I was still able to continue the exercise (and did the number of sets/reps I had planned to do) and was able to walk in a normal way as well.

What do you think... was it a transient ischemic stroke?


Hi Probe,

I'm not thinking TIA from your description. I'm thinking more along the line of a form of Spastic Cerebral Palsy. It is caused by legions in the brain and is more of an impairment in neuromuscular mobility. It very well could be the result of your concussion. It is usually fairly well manageable.

If you can duplicate the droop it will significantly help your doctor. I'd suggest a neurologist.

Keep us posted and good luck.


I was thinking about it, and I wonder whether I've suffered numbness in the arm(s) as well or not. I mean its very much possible for me to have woken up one morning to find my arm numb and ignored it, thinking that perhaps I was lying in an awkward position that caused it to go numb.

I'll visit a neurologist soon. Hope it doesn't turn out to be sth bad.

Thanks a lot for the reply as well as for the good luck wish :-)