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My 13 year old grandaughter was born on methadone.  She had no problems coming off the methodone when she was born.  She has progressively had anger issues and now as a teenager become out of control.

My daughter has been clean for over 5 years, and my grandaughter did not grow up with addicted parents. Would being born addicted be affecting her behavior, anger and acting out inappropriately.  I think she may be bi polar.  Her biological father is bi polar and has anit social behaviors.  What advice can someone give me.

Grandaughter in Crisis = Mom and Grandmother in Crisis


the most effective thing you can do is have her see a therapist who can diagnose her with the proper condition. bipolar disorder is characterized by severe depression and episodes of manis, so i don't believe this fits. Drugs can affects the development of infants very easily, and it is likely she has a chemical imbalance in her brain. as a psychology student, i recommend you take her to a psychiatrist.